Italy is my Passion

Whatever your hopes and desires are, I can help you plan an amazing trip to Italy.

What do I offer?

Finding the right information or the best recommendations can be a daunting task.  Having lived in Italy for two years and traveling there frequently, l will use my extensive knowledge and experience to guide you to the best places to see and stay.   Use my wealth of knowledge about places to see, accommodations, restaurants and activities to your best advantage.

I give you the flexibility to choose the services you would like. My knowledge and my love of Italy will give you a fantastic bargain for the service you choose.

How do my services work?

I offer two types of services:  travel planning and basic language instruction.  For each you pay by the hour.   I charge $65 per hour.

  1.  Hourly travel planning:  You provide me with a list of your travel interests, including where, when, and what your trip preferences are.  I will provide you with an estimate of how much time it will take me to do your travel research.  Once we agree on the scope of your trip and your budget, I will provide you with a list of well researched options.  Take advantage of the knowledge that I already possess regarding where to go, what to do, where to stay and eat, and interesting things to do.
  2. Hourly language instruction:  I will provide whatever level of Italian language skill instruction that you desire.  Let me know your interests.   Examples include food, family history, wine, gardening, marble quarrying, textiles, art or architecture, and I will be happy to provide specialized vocabulary.

Next Steps

Step 1:  You create a profile.

Complete a “Travel Profile” to specify your travel needs and then complete the questionnaire under “How I will do it” so that I can provide the travel and language services that are best suited to you.

Step 2:  Email me at or call me at 612.824.5581.

Step 3:  We meet or we chat by phone or email.