Here are some of the services that we offer:

After an email or phone call, we can provide a detailed yet flexible itinerary for you and your family including hotel suggestions or villa rental options based on your preferences and budget as well as restaurant suggestions. We have lots of ideas for things to do while in Italy, depending on your interests and time constraints.

Some special services that we have helped with in the past include a tour of a marble quarry, hiring a guide for the Vatican museum, booking tours of private gardens, walking and bike excursions, wine tours, and finding a bilingual chef and driver.

How do I charge?

Based on your needs, we will quote you a flat fee or an hourly rate and clearly detail what is included in your fee.

Having lived in Italy for two years and travelled there numerous times, we would love to ensure that you have a relaxing and memorable holiday in Italy.

Marjorie Eisenach has an M.A. in Italian from the University of Wisconsin and has completed all coursework for a PhD in comparative literature. She has taught basic Italian courses and Italian for Travelers at the Universities of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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